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Welcome to Just Unwind.

At Just Unwind we have a passion for creating beautiful things out of everyday materials. Our aim is to introduce crafters of all levels to the simple art of weaving and fibre arts.

           At Just Unwind we love the simplicity of handweaving using traditional tools.

Stick Weaving is simple to learn and in no time crafters of all levels will be making beautiful hand woven items. It is especially good for children as it helps to develop their coordination and allows them to make simple fun items. There are no stitches or rows to count allowing the crafter to work at their own pace.

Peg looms, take your weaving to the next level. Working on the same principal as the weaving sticks only on a larger scale. Peg looms are easy and fun to use. They are a great way of up-cycling old curtains and bedding into beautiful rugs which add a unique and personnel touch to any home.

Knitting. Love knitting? Then try our EXTREME knitting needles. Our wooden knitting needles are handmade and much longer than normal extreme needles. Our 16mm & 19mm are 45cms in length and our 25mm needle is 60cms in length. This extra length allows you to cast on many stitches, enough to easily knit a single bed throw with no joins, no sewing pannels together!

 Needle felting is the fascinating  process of taking roving (pure unspun wool) and turning it into beautiful felted items. Very ittle space is required and unlike wet felting no water is needed. All Just Unwind needle felting kits are easy and fun to do. A prefect introduction to the art of needle felting.

All our products are hand made from wood making each item beautiful and unique. All our instruction sheets contain easy to follow instructions accompanied by full colour photographs. 

Trade enquires welcome.

Got a question? Want us to do a demo for your craft group or school. Then we would love to hear from you.

Mandy; 073 155 4809

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09.01 | 15:16

Hi Mandy
Please send the invoice to

02.01 | 14:51

Hi there, can you send me an email address that I can send the invoice to? Thanks Mandy

28.12 | 16:52

Please invoice me for: Rainbow mix, Animal brown, Black to grey, Merino natural. All 50gm. Also 2 x 38T all purpose needles and 1 x 38S finework needle. thanks

27.09 | 23:37

Is the peg looms suitable for weaving with T-shirt yarn?